Ever since we started studying our Hotel Management in India, it was our dream to have our own restaurant. With constant hard work, planning and commitment our dream finally came true on October 24,2016 as Wok Inter Cuisine in Chandler, Arizona. Building up this business is greatly included with lots of efforts and dedication to serve our customers with great quality of food and satisfying them. At Wok Inter Cuisine, we serve great taste of Pan Asian food with Excellence. 

As the flavor of Chinese food in Indian Style is spread all over India, we tried to bring the same here so the people of various countries know the taste and also trying to make lots of people feel at home. We had a long journey in bringing out these Pan asian varieties of foods and we now take the privilege of serving them to our customers.

In formulation of our foods, we use a blend of different spices found in most kitchens adding flavor to food in a very typical way to satisfy the taste buds of our valuable customers